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Rapunzel Tiara

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Production Information

This newly improved Rapunzel-inspired tiara is a full-sized crown, perfect for bringing out the princess in you. Its design now features crystal clear stones, each meticulously hand-placed to enhance its radiance. These stones are made entirely of glass, ensuring a regal and elegant appearance. Additionally, the tiara is crafted with rings along the inside of the headband, allowing for easier pinning to your wig, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit throughout your royal engagements. Includes replacement stones.

Color: Gold

Size:  3.75"x 6.25" (HxW)

Weight: 6 ounces

Material: Metal

Recommendation: Due to the intricate design and weight of the crown, securing it directly to natural hair may pose challenges in terms of fit, comfort, and stability. Our crowns are specifically engineered for use with wigs, featuring strategically placed rings along the lining. This design facilitates the use of hairpins for a secure and comfortable attachment, ensuring the crown remains firmly in place during wear. 

Refund and Exchange Policy for Jewelry and Crowns: We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. If your jewelry or crown arrives defective or damaged, it is eligible for a refund or exchange within 7 days of delivery, as determined by the tracking information.

- Please email us immediately upon delivery if your item arrives damaged.
- Requests for exchanges or refunds will not be accepted after 7 days from the date of delivery.
- Please be aware that our crowns are delicately crafted. Do not attempt to bend the crown to alter its shape or fit.
- If a crown is broken due to bending or mishandling, we regret that we cannot provide a refund or exchange for such damages.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we appreciate your adherence to these guidelines to ensure a smooth process for refunds or exchanges.