Fairytale Wigs

Goldilocks & Goldibraid

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Character: Rapunzel

Color: Honey Wheat Blonde

Texture: Light Yaki. Ultra dense.

Style: Pre-cut, curled and braided.

Wig Length: 16" inches (from the neckline)

Braid Length: 4.5" feet.

Wig Cap: Skin top for realistic hair growth appearance. Teased root.

Standard Wig Construction: Medium stretch cap with adjustable straps. Made with 2 combs at the temple and 1 comb at the neckline. 

Deluxe Wig Construction: Please be aware that due to the unique construction of the Deluxe wig cap, with the skin top extending to the back, there is reduced stretch compared to our standard models. This wig is crafted as a size medium. For those who require larger wigs or more stretch, we recommend our original style that does not feature the extended skin top. Important: As a gentle reminder, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges once the wig has been unboxed and either worn or tried on. This policy helps us maintain the highest standards of product hygiene and customer satisfaction.

Included Accessories: Free accessories included when you order the styling kit:

  • (1) FREE Braid pillow
  • (1) FREE satin bundle wrapper with pre-attached button snaps*
  • Includes all corresponding snaps.

Optional Materials Available on Amazon or Local Beauty Stores

Fiber: Made with 100% Hiperlon fiber. This is a low temperature heat safe fiber which may require additional cooling time for your curls to set.

Recommendation: A low heat iron or hot rollers is recommended.